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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my tickets? 
Your reservations and tickets will not be confirmed until full payment is received. Acceptance and confirmation of your reservation is at the discretion of the airlines. You will receive your tickets and other documents approximately 7 to 10 days prior to departure. Please remember that tickets are mailed to you via USPS Priority Mail.

May I make my advance seat reservations through The Catholic Tour?  
No. The Catholic Tour is not allowed by the airlines to make advance seat reservations (unless request is made for a medical reason with a note from your physician). You may request your seating assignments at the airport. International flights require you to check-in at the airport two hours before departure. However, for any flights involving Israel, check-in two or three hours before departure.

Must I bring a travel companion if I have a medical condition that requires extra help?
While we endeavor to provide the highest level of service to all of our passengers, we cannot provide special facilities or assistance for disabled passengers. It is your responsibility to arrange for such assistance (travel companion) or special needs as you may require.

If I do not have a roommate will The Catholic Tour find one for me? 
The Catholic Tour makes all efforts to find a roommate (of the same gender) for pilgrims should you request us to do so. On rare occasions that such a roommate is not available you will be required to pay for the single room supplement prior to departure. We will not have a final answer for you until 30 days before departure at which time we do our final room lists.

How do I pay for my optional side trips? 
Optional side trips are paid for by the pilgrims to the tour escort in charge of your group. The tour escort will accept Euros (certain countries in Europe), American money (other than in Europe), or money from the country in which you are traveling. Credit cards will not be accepted for optional side trips.

Do I need a visa? 
If you are an American citizen you do not need a visa to the majority of countries to which The Catholic Tour travels. At this time visas are required for Egypt (can be processed at the border) and Jordan (can be processed at the border). Those passengers not holding a U.S. passport must check with the country (or countries) to which you are traveling, and check to see if a visa is required. OBTAINING A VISA IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Is there a discount for children? 
There is no discount for children on any The Catholic Tour program as we are charged in full by the land operators and in most cases by the airlines. For infants age 2 or under, discounts may be available if the child does not occupy a seat on the airplane. This discount is generally a 85% reduction of price but may vary according to itinerary and the airline. Please contact The Catholic Tour for specific information.

What does the travel protection plan cover? 
Upon receipt of your reservation from you will receive a copy of the travel protection plan document. Please read for further details. The brochure contains a telephone number to call should you have any further questions regarding the policy coverage. Please remember to take the brochure with you during your trip should you need to contact the insurance company. Please remember that it is recommended that you send the payment for the travel protection plan with your deposit so that your deposit is covered should any problems occur.

Are tips included? 
The tips to the tour guide, motorcoach driver and local step-on guides are never included in your price, unless otherwise specified. A suggested amount for tipping in Europe is approximately €4 and €2 and €1-2(Euros) respectively, per person per day, respectively, to each ($4 to $2 in Mexico). In any program going to the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Egypt) Hotel tips and the gratuities for the restaurant staff are also not included, unless otherwise specified. Tip envelopes will be provided.

Will someone from The Catholic Tour be traveling with the group? 
On rare occasion there may be someone from The Catholic Tour on the pilgrimage. However, most of the time there is not.

Where do I meet the Tour Escort? 
Your tour will begin at your first hotel. The Tour escort will make contact with you at the hotel and will provide details relating to your tour. The hotel address and phone number will be included in your documents. However, when you arrive at the airport in the country where your tour begins, you will be met by someone on behalf of The Catholic Tour who will be holding a sign with our name on it. He or she will take you to the waiting motorcoach to transfer you to your first hotel. Many of our pilgrimages have touring on the day you arrive, and in that instance you will be met by the Tour Escort at the airport on your arrival in country. The Tour Escort will not meet you in the U.S. or at any airport that you stop in to change planes en route to the country where your tour begins.